Walking backwards through tobacco
Making sure that sun goes down
Throwing hands and hallelujahs
Echo through the dry bones of this town

When I was younger, I’d go fishing
Where the road met Coffin Creek
Mostly I just caught the feeling
That God don’t do nothing for the weak

And you with your brighter way
Always looking for what’s best
In spite of all these broken days
You say, we are truly blessed…

It’s late summer here in Harper
Still-born days in search of shade
Still-born feelings about tomorrow
Hang over the love that we just made

These are days of wounded angels
Just look around you, baby doll
Find me one blue-eyed believer
And I’ll show you a house about to fall


What’s in your cup is what you’re drinking
No matter how hard you cry or beg
Sometimes I don’t understand your thinking
As I draw the last of my goodnight cigarette


september 4, 2004

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