URL: www.rickspreitzer.com
Subject: CD Release
Contact: Rick Spreitzer
Email: Rspreitzer@bellsouth.net

For Immediate Release

"tip jar americana” artist Rick Spreitzer from Charlotte set to release new collection of songs

Charlotte-based singer-songwriter Rick Spreitzer’s latest album, "Dirt Tracks," is due out on July 17th. This self-released CD marks the follow-up to his 2002 debut, "Meanderthal."

Recorded at Joe Kuhlmann's 36th Street Studios, "Dirt Tracks" features a wealth of Charlotte area artists, including: David Childers, Mike Orlando and Brian Burton (Cast Iron Filter), Rodney Lanier (Sea of Cortez & The Gold Coast) and many more.

Spreitzer, who has opened for the likes of Malcolm Holcombe, Jimmy Landry, David Childers, Jeff Black and Kevin Gordon, and was featured at the recent Charlotte Alejandro Escovedo Benefit, has appeared at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, the Sylvia Theater in York, SC, and both the Double Door and Evening Muse in Charlotte.

Rick is quickly developing a reputation as a keen wordsmith with an understated delivery that baits you to lean in. When asked to describe his style he’ll tell you, "For me, it's often about what's broken, lost or hungered for. There is a certain romance to those who seek grace and ballast through the bad luck and blue changes. The real pleasure is in finding songs that have pieces of poetry, mystery and some emotional gravity... that really pull you in."

Recent press:

**“Left Off The Dial” Staff Picks [Meanderthal] for Top 10 Best Mid-Atlantic Releases of 2003

**"Music with generous grit and unsupervised emotional release... a good workhorse with energetic gait that makes the picture come alive." ~Eddie Russell/Outlaw for Peace, Jolly Roger Radio International

**"Most young songwriters don't dig deep enough to get to the real song. Rick is a digging machine." ~Michael Reno Harrell

**"I hate to gush, but it's so damned exhilarating to hear a new (to me) local songwriter with his own unique perspective on the elements of life that are truly worth writing songs about. Don't ever turn back. You have the ability to touch people." - Billy Rollings - Down Home Video

**"Listening to his songs is like watching a movie. The way he phrases lyrics with such texture will have you hearing something new with each listen." ~Christy Snow

Spreitzer plans a CD Release Celebration in support of "Dirt Tracks" at the Evening Muse in Charlotte on Saturday, July 17th, 8pm. Expect an evening filled with songs that punch at your gut, slung from the mouths and hands of Rick and his regular side-kick/picker, Kevin Edwards... as well as a small army of guests..