Out behind the liquor store
Cardboard in the dumpster
Babies draw what milk they find
From their calico mother

She’ll leave them in the morning
In search of safer ground
When He don’t shine that holy light
You just got to be committed

Say your prayers for the lost one
Who walks along the highway
He’ll meet the devil soon enough
As he steps upon the shoulder

Circling above him
Before he’s even cold
Don’t curse the tide of claw and wing
They are just committed

Searing trains rip through and through
A whir to all my senses
The dark has come to settle in
And robbed me of connection (direction)

And in these halls of hollow
Black birds take to wing
No sense in crying cursed things
You just better get committed

You won’t understand it all
That’s to be expected
Tucked inside these whispered tones
Are hopes that you’ll accept it

In the screaming silence
There’s a little one so lost
He could not shake what had been done
And so he was committed

march 5, 2005

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