goodnight iris

Selfish by my very design
I know that I showed not
The depth and breadth
Of my love for thee

I know that as a man
Rocking in silence
Awaiting my maker
I could have better loved thee

I know so much
Encased in this brittle frame
While you, ever the wiser
Simply smile at me again

“Old woman,
What fueled your sweet purpose?”
And why was I so blessed in turn
To share a portion of my days
Bathed in love I did not earn

Your constant, radiant presence
Comforting me in my rest
Cool, loving fingers glide
O’er my tired face, my heavy chest

“Good night, Iris.
I hope I see you in the morn.
And if I don’t, know one thing well
That I was blessed that you were born.”

goodnight iris
january 1996

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